Dr. Sandra S. Phillips
Ms. Phillips is senior curator of photography at the San Francisco
Museum of Modern Art and she discusses Pirkle's unique vision
as exemplified in his early San Francisco photographs, and in
the political landscape of California, which he documented with
Dorothea Lange, that led to the destruction of small farms in
favor of large scale agribusiness.

Tim B. Wride
Mr. Wride, former curator at the Los Angeles County Museum
of Art, clarifies the social and political concerns that unify
Pirkle's work on the Black Panthers, the landscape, and Gate 5
in Sausalito, and how his personal way of seeing sets him apart
from colleagues such as Ansel Adams and Minor White.

Kathleen Neel Cleaver
Ms. Cleaver, formerly the Black Panther Party Communications Secretary, recontextualizes the Black Panther Party and its
struggle for social justice and equal opportunity. It is a timeless message for our youth, as relevant today as it was in the 60s.
Despite efforts to demonize the party, its founders laid the
groundwork in childcare, education, and healthcare that is still
helping to change the world.

Napa Valley Museum
Pirkle leads a delightful tour of his 2008 exhibition at the
Napa Museum that features poignant comments by descendants
of Lake Berryessa evictees and a thoughtful commentary by
Dr. Sandra Phillips.

Putah Creek as it runs through the valley. the creek has been dammed 15 miles from this spot by the Monticello Dam. This valley became Lake Berryessa, 1956;
Fire is part of the demolition process, Berryessa Valley, 1956
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